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Re: [Condor-users] Running jobs in Xen (vm universe)

Acharya, Trilok wrote:
> Hi,
>  I'm working on setting up condor to run windows batch jobs on top of Xen (running on linux). My understanding of the vm universe is that condor just starts up the vm and doesn't have the ability to execute scripts in the VM once it starts up. So, if I wanted a generic disk image for Xen, I'd have to get a program to start up when windows loads, find a job and run it using some mechanism unrelated to condor. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a windows program that does this fetching and running of jobs in the VM.
>     I would think this is something people run up against all the time, so I find it hard to believe that condor doesn't recommend tools to do this. I apologize if I've completely overlooked something in the documentation inadvertantly.
> Thanks,
> Trilok

Sure, run Condor in your VMs and having them join your pool.