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Re: [Condor-users] using $$(Arch) and $$(OpSys) with condor_submit-remote

The remote submission copies all the required executables/input file to
the remote schedd spool. In this case it can't know in advance which
executable is requierd (since this is not decided until the job is
matched against an execute slot)

This is rather a fundamental problem.

You might be able to get away with it by transfering all possible
executables via the transfer input files explicitly, make the executable
some placeholder(but fixed) value and then rewriting the submitted job
post submission via something like

condor_qedit jobid Executable "executable.$$(OpSys)"

Not that remote subnmission submits the job on hold, then the system
takes it out of hold itself so you may not be able to use sumit on hold
to control things. Instead you could also have a Requirements expression
that would refuse to run anywhere and then qedit that after the
Executable edit.


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Is it possible to use $$(Arch) and $$(OpSys) macros in submit files
intended for remote submit? When I tried I got following error:

DCSchedd::spoolJobFiles:7002:File transfer failed for target job 7.0: 
SUBMIT at failed to send file(s) to <>: error
reading from /home/user/job/executable.$$(OpSys): (errno 25)
Inappropriate ioctl for device; SCHEDD failed to receive file(s) from

Local submit works, and with fixed Arch/OpSys, remote submit works as
well. Am I doing something wrong, or are these macros not allowed with
remote submit?


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