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Re: [Condor-users] condor_submit and suppressing program popups

Thank you for your comments Andrew. I finally gave up on using this program for the time being because I came to the same conclusion. We are investigating Condor and its use at USGS, and therefore, my goal was to assess who would benefit and how we could use Condor. Unfortunately, I had less than a week to learn Condor well enough as well as implement several different examples of its use. This program with the popup was our first test piece, which made it difficult for troubleshooting. I read some where that it is possible to pass a variable to address popups but I am pretty sure this cannot be done and I was not able to figure out a method. The popup appears to be caused from the Fortran windows compiler, so we hope that the original programmer can resolve this issue, or we might be able to help them. In any case, I am glad your group found the same thing. I was not sure if this was something I was doing wrong with the Condor configuration or some other issue.

Again thanks for the feedback,

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Hi Mike,
Did you resolve this issue? Something similar stumped us for a while as an error message was popping up a Windows alert box, and locking the condor job mysteriously until we had the "ah-ha" moment.. You absolutely have to get rid of that pop-up.


On Jun 4, 2009, at 7:50 AM, Michael O'Donnell wrote:

I am running Condor in a Windos 32 bit environment with about 6 machines added to the pool and one host (testing phase).

I have a program that apparently was developed in fortran and then compiled for a windows 32bit system. The program will run by passing a file input, but at the completion of the program the following popup occurs: "Program terminated with exit code 0". This code is generally an indication that a program ran successfully. Based on what I found online, this is an artifact of the compiler.

The problem: condor_submit will run the program but then then job never finishes, which I believe it is related to this popup. The GUI is suppressed on the individual machines by condor, all data is created and the CPU drops down to 0. The host reports that the job is still running and therefore, the data is not returned and the machine is tied up.

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