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[Condor-users] job suspension?

I'm a little confused over the implementation of job suspension in
condor 7.2, hopefully someone can clear it up for me.

We're running condor across RHEL5 workstations and a few clusters
RHEL4/5 32/64bit, ia64, and Solaris at our company.

We want two behaviors to happen.

1.  When a workstation user touches his keyboard, if there is a condor
job it's suspended.
2.  If a user logs into a cluster and kicks off a job (via batch
scheduler), the condor job is suspended on the nodes until the job is

So here's the questions:

1.  In Condor v7.2 is condor_kbdd required on the workstations to
detect activity on a linux workstation w/ USB key/mou?
2.  If condor_kbdd is not required, who is detecting this activity?
3.  If it's not condor_kbdd, under what circumstances does it consider
a node (srv/wks) to be occupied? (ie what does it monitor)

We've considered creating a pre/post amble in our batch scheduler to
alert condor to a pending job, but we're not sure if there might be a
better way.

- Michael