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Re: [Condor-users] Job stays idle when using Dynamic Slots

condor_q -better-analyze says

215.000:  Run analysis summary.  Of 7 machines,
     0 are rejected by your job's requirements
     7 reject your job because of their own requirements
     0 match but are serving users with a better priority in the pool
     0 match but reject the job for unknown reasons
     0 match but will not currently preempt their existing job
     0 are available to run your job
       No successful match recorded.
       Last failed match: Thu Jun 18 13:32:33 2009
       Reason for last match failure: no match found

WARNING: Be advised: Request 215.0 did not match any resource's constraints

The logs say:

MatchLog:6/18 13:32:33 (fd:7) (pid:4735) Rejected 215.0 group_a.[...]: no match found
NegotiatorLog:6/18 13:32:33 (fd:7) (pid:4735)     Request 00215.00000:
NegotiatorLog:6/18 13:32:33 (fd:7) (pid:4735) Rejected 215.0 group_a.[...]: no match found
SchedLog:6/18 13:32:33 (fd:13) (pid:4736) Job 215.0: is runnable
SchedLog:6/18 13:32:33 (fd:13) (pid:4736) Sent job 215.0 (autocluster=0)
SchedLog:6/18 13:32:33 (fd:13) (pid:4736) Job 215.0 rejected: no match found

I  still don't know why the job is not running.

Many thanks for helping,

Matthew Farrellee wrote:

Colak Birol wrote:

I am using Condor 7.2.2 on RHEL3. I have computing nodes with 2 dualcore CPUs, so I configured one dynamic slot with 4 CPUs on each node:

SLOT_TYPE_1 = cpus=4

When I submit jobs over the SOAP interface, adding following ClassAds to the Job, it runs fine (the job gets running after some minutes on a dynamically created slot).

RequestCpus = 1
RequestMemory = ceiling(ImageSize / 1024.000000)
RequestDisk = DiskUsage

But when I say RequestCpus = 2, the job stays idle forever. I assume it has something to do with the AutoClusterAttrs, which is

AutoClusterAttrs = "JobUniverse,LastCheckpointPlatform,NumCkpts,RequestCpus,RequestMemory,RequestDisk,Requirements,NiceUser,ConcurrencyLimits"

Anyone has similar problems or a solution?

Best Regards,

The AutoClusterAttrs shouldn't make a difference.

Does condor_q -better-analyze tell you anything useful?

To get a deeper understanding of why the job is idle you can look at the
StartLog and SchedLog, both should reference the job id.


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