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Re: [Condor-users] ERROR: Failed to set ClusterID

Max Raith wrote:
> Hey Condor Users,
> I have many submitfiles which I want to be submitted to condor automatically. So I have written a simple batch file that calls condor_submit in a loop and changes the submitfile after each submisson.(batchfile and .sub file are in one folder). It works fine but with some  sub files I am getting an error :   
> ERROR: Failed to set ClusterID...
> ERROR : Failed to queue Job..
> Why does this failure appear? And how can it be avoided? It s quite bad cause it always takes lot of time to find the faild ones!
> Thanks in Advance!
> Max

A thought - have you tried using -append to condor_submit to avoid
editing the submit file?

As for the error, you should check the SchedLog to see if anything
happened during your submission, like the connection was dropped.

You can get a trace from condor_submit by running it as: env
_CONDOR_TOOL_DEBUG=D_ALL condor_submit -debug [normal arguments]