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Re: [Condor-users] Windows XP at boot: sync problem between VMserver and condor services!?!

Matthew Farrellee <matt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sounds like you've run into a somewhat known problem. It is true that
> Condor can start and check for VMware before VMware has a chance to
> start itself. I believe a proposed fix for this is to actually let the
> startd check for VMware periodically, if it isn't present, instead of
> only once at startup.

I'm little confused by your suggestion....
Is this a fix I can apply in my configuration?
Can I let startd check periodically for VMware by setting
one of the macros? I suppose not.

What you suggest here sounds more like a necessary patch to
the program source code to add your "new feature" into a
future release.....I would be very happy if that happens!

This problem actually makes VMware + Condor on a large pool
of Windows PCs not workable. I plan to have this setup on 500+
library PCs, which boot up every morning after their nightly

Of course I can manipulate the Windows configuration such that it
restarts condor some time after the reboot; but I hope that this
is not necessary.