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Re: [Condor-users] Windows XP at boot: sync problem between VMserver and condor services!?!

Rob wrote:
> Matthew Farrellee <matt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Sounds like you've run into a somewhat known problem. It is true that
>> Condor can start and check for VMware before VMware has a chance to
>> start itself. I believe a proposed fix for this is to actually let the
>> startd check for VMware periodically, if it isn't present, instead of
>> only once at startup.
> I'm little confused by your suggestion....
> Is this a fix I can apply in my configuration?
> Can I let startd check periodically for VMware by setting
> one of the macros? I suppose not.
> What you suggest here sounds more like a necessary patch to
> the program source code to add your "new feature" into a
> future release.....I would be very happy if that happens!
> This problem actually makes VMware + Condor on a large pool
> of Windows PCs not workable. I plan to have this setup on 500+
> library PCs, which boot up every morning after their nightly
> shutdown.
> Of course I can manipulate the Windows configuration such that it
> restarts condor some time after the reboot; but I hope that this
> is not necessary.
> Rob.

Yes, I was not suggesting that as a workaround.

For a workaround, if you can configure Windows to start VMware before
Condor you may have some luck, otherwise you'll have to delay the start
of Condor in some other way. In the Linux world this is pretty easy to
achieve. On Windows, I believe some may have turned the Condor start
script into a batch file to introduced delays.