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Re: [Condor-users] Windows XP at boot: sync problem between VMserver and condor services!?!

Hi Rob:

My advice would be to make the VMware services dependencies of the Condor
service, that way, only after *all* the VMware services have started, will
Condor begin start.


> I have installed on my Windows XP pool PC:
> VMware Server 1.0.9 (Build 156507)
> ActivePerl 5.10.0 (Build 1005)
> Condor 7.2.4
> When the PC reboots, the Condor services are started, but the connection
> to the
> VMware server fails. Here's part of the output of the GAHP log file:
>  VM-GAHP initialized with run-mode 0
>  VMGAHP: Initialize Uids: caller=SYSTEM@NT AUTHORITY, job user=SYSTEM@NT
>  VMGAHP: Command returned non-zero: C:\Perl\bin\PERL.EXE
> C:\condor\bin\CONDOR~1.PL check
>  VMGAHP:   Error: The system returned an error. Communication with the
> virtual machine may have been interrupted.
>  VMGAHP:   Error: The system returned an error. Communication with the
> virtual machine may have been interrupted
>  VMGAHP:   (ERROR) Can't execute C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware VIX\vmrun
>  VMware script check failed:
>  VMGAHP: ERROR: the vm_type('vmware') cannot be used.
>  condor_vm-gahp.exe (condor_VM_GAHP) pid 1960 EXITING WITH STATUS 0
> The "condor_status -vm" command on the master PC shows that the VMserver
> is
> not working with condor.
> Now, when I later manually RESTART the condor services on the Windows PC,
> all goes well and "condor_status -vm" has the Windows PC in its list.
> Hence, I conclude that at boot up the condor services start too early;
> the condor services should wait until the VMware server registration has
> finished.
> The manual intervention/restart is not an fix for me, as the setup has to
> work at boot up
> on hundreds of library PCs.
> Is there an easy way to get this fixed; is there a gahp configuration
> variable, which
> delays for a few seconds the gahp initialization with the VMserver?
> Thank you.
> Rob.
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