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Re: [Condor-users] Condor 7.2.1 Glidein with Linux 2.6 Binary file

Please try the following -arch setting:


Let me know if that does not work.


Mahdi Bohlouli wrote:

 Dear Friends,

I want to use Condor_glidein. Our Condor version is: 7.2.1 and Our OS version is 2.6. when I use this instruction to gliding in: "condor_glidein -count 1 uranus.haiti.cs.uni-potsdam.de/jobmanager-fork -setup_jobmanager=jobmanager-fork -arch=7.2.1-i686-pc-Linux-2.6 " I receive the following error which says that there is not binary files in the binary files directory:

Running/verifying Glidein installation and setup...
Submitting Glidein setup job...
Installing /home/bohlouli/Condor_glidein/glidein_condor_config.
Installing /home/bohlouli/Condor_glidein/7.2.1-i686-pc-Linux-2.6/glidein_startup . Installing Condor daemons in /home/bohlouli/Condor_glidein/7.2.1-i686-pc-Linux-2.6.globus-url-copy failed; trying wget Failed to retrieve http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/glidein/binaries/7.2.1-686-pc-Linux-2.6.tar.gz Glidein tarball not successfully downloaded from http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/glidein/binaries error: [globus_l_gass_copy_gass_setup_callback]: url: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/glidein/binaries/7.2.1-i686-pc-Linux-2.6.tar.gz request was DENIED, for reason: 404, Not Found
Error: running setup script on remote machine

To the proposed problem what I should do? Where I can find the exact binary files or I should change which options of my condor_glidein command? ** */Sincerely Yours,



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