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[Condor-users] pb with connect 2 condor's machine installed in virtual machine (VMware)

Hi all,
I have problem when  i installed condor on  2 virtual machines
I've installed condor on 2 virtual machine (in both: windows is the principal OS and debian is the system installed in VMware):

the first : manager, submit and execute on debian4 (
the second : execute on debian3 (

my pb is that the second machine can't acess in the pool
these the errors messages:

from the manager (debian4 :

5/10 04:59:27 PERMISSION DENIED to unauthenticated user from host for command 2 (UPDATE_MASTER_AD), access level ADVERTISE_MASTER: reason: cached result for ADVERTISE_MASTER; see first case for the full reason

from the execute machine (debian3 :
5/10 23:09:50 Failed to send alive to <>, will try again...
5/10 23:09:55 attempt to connect to <> failed: Connection refused (connect errno = 111).
5/10 23:09:55 ERROR: SECMAN:2003:TCP auth connection to <> failed

5/10 23:09:55 ERROR "FAILED TO SEND INITIAL KEEP ALIVE TO OUR PARENT <>" at line 8654 in file daemon_core.cpp

NB: : is the ip adress of the physical card (adress on windows)

PLZ have you any idea to fix this problem,
thx a lot, MSM