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Re: [Condor-users] Queueing ssh sessions?

> Has anyone hacked up a condor aware ssh (or ssh wrapper)?  Google
> seems to say no, but it's Monday morning so I may not be up to full
> speed yet...
> What I'd like to do is beable to queue interactive sessions and use
> class ads so that the connection goes to an idle node of the proper
> type and also invokes concurrency_limits.
> If this doesn't exist, is there a way to manipulate concurrency limits
> from the command line?

Technically you could use condor_qedit to edit the concurrency_limit
settings on a job. How well that would work: I can't say. Definitely you
can use condor_config_val to manipulate the max limits stored on the
negotiator in your system. But why do you need to manipulate these? Why
wouldn't you just submit your interactive job with the concurrency_limit
counters it wants to consume and then let Condor decrement and increment
them when the job is executed?

As for running interactive jobs: I do this in my pool. Users can run
VNC, NX, XTerm and XDMCP jobs on machines. I've never tried ssh (where
the job ssh's back to the submission host is what I assume you mean).
But I don't see why that couldn't work. You'd have to ensure user's have
their accounts set up for password-free ssh'ing between machines.
Shouldn't be hard if they're using an NFS-mounted home directory that's
the same from all machines.

- Ian

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