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Re: [Condor-users] Queueing ssh sessions?

On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 11:31:10AM -0400, Ian Chesal wrote:

:Technically you could use condor_qedit to edit the concurrency_limit
:settings on a job. How well that would work: I can't say. Definitely you
:can use condor_config_val to manipulate the max limits stored on the
:negotiator in your system. 

 condor_config_val  is likely what I'm looking for, if it comes to
 that thanks.

:But why do you need to manipulate these? Why
:wouldn't you just submit your interactive job with the concurrency_limit
:counters it wants to consume and then let Condor decrement and increment
:them when the job is executed?

Ideally this is what I would want, yes.  The command line option is a
bit of a kludge to fall back on if I need to.

I have two "needs" for this.

First people are asking for an interactive commandline session to any
available node.

Second I'm trying to get Matlab Parallel Computing Toolkit to work.
If you're familiar with it we've been using the "distributed" half for
some time but the "parallel" (mpi'ish) half isn't supported with
Condor (yet?) and I'm trying to make that go for one of my users.  The
have an ssh based example, which I have working but not through the

I'd like to have it work through the queue (either porting it to the
parallel universe or using the ssh example), but even more than that
I'd like to be able to have the licenses in the Condor concurrency
limit match howmany are availble.  If everything goes throught he
queue liek it does with the distributed jobs now, it works
beatifully.  If people start running it outside the queue and the
concurrency limit isn't adjusted jobs will fail in bad ways when it
starts instances that it doesn't have licenses for (I think they
shoudl handle this better within Matlab, but Mathworks thinks
everything should be pushed off on the scheduler)

:As for running interactive jobs: I do this in my pool. Users can run
:VNC, NX, XTerm and XDMCP jobs on machines. 

I'm curious how you have this configured.  How do users know what host
to connect to with VNC?  How is the local display made available,
xhost + seems the obvious but scary choice , or possibly using ssh
port forwarding setup on the execute node...