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Re: [Condor-users] condor 7.2.2 on ubuntu hardy 8.04 lts

Stefan Kluth wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to get condor 7.2.2 to build on ubuntu hardy.  Since this is 
> very similar to debian lenny, I hoped for a smooth ride ...
> I installed the packages needed for building, and currently have this 
> configuration
> ./configure --disable-gcc-version-check --without-krb5 --without-glibc 
> --without-globus --without-openssl --without-gsoap --without-postgresql
> The build stops with an error from "pgsqldatabase" (details can be sent if 
> needed).
> But I think the easier way would be to get the build procedure used by the 
> condor developers to build the condor-7.2.2-linux-x86-debian50*.tar.gz 
> packages from sources.  Could somebody sent this?
> Cheers, Stefan

If you're still trying to build, I think there's a glitch in the
configure script. Looks like you need --disable-quill along with