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[Condor-users] Concurrency Limit Error in Dedicated Scheduler

Hi all, 

	My test Pool: 1 Dedicated Schedd,2 Startd
	I set a concurrency limit in Negotiator Config "license1_LIMIT=2".
	Then I submit 3 parallel jobs, each job requests 2 slots "machine_count = 2":
		first: concurrency_limits=license1:3
		second: concurrency_limits=license1:2
		third: concurrency_limits=license1:3

	First job could not run  because the concurrency limits exceed,and I removed first job from schedd,the second job started to run,but after the 2nd job completed,the 3rd job started running !!!.
	When setting NEGOTIATOR_DEBUG to D_FULLDEBUG, I found sth wrong in logs, after 2nd job completed ,the SCHEDD would not communicate with NEGOTIATOR, and concurrency limits of jobs could not be checked.

	Is it a bug?

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