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Re: [Condor-users] Application runs in standalone mode but not viacondor

> This is a weird problem I have been trying to crack .. like forever.
> no clue. I have an application that I compiled with c++ 4.1.2. This
> application uses STL heavily and I had trouble compiling this
> with c++ version 3.x. But 4.1.2 compiles and generated a condor
> executable just fine. The problem is: If I run the executable in
> mode, the executable runs perfectly. I can send checkpoint signals
> kill -TSTP, kill -USR2 etc... and the executable generated checkpoint
> and resumes or exits -- as it should. But, when I submit the same
> executable to condor via condor script and all, the executable does
> not run. This application has a weird requirement that the HOME
> environment variable cannot be a null string. It can be anything,
> so even if I set the HOME env variable to /tmp, the executable runs
> okay in the standalone mode. This is exactly what I do from within
> the condor wrapper script that wraps around this executable. I set
> the HOME env var and then execute the application. But, still with no

> Can some one shed some light on what might be going wrong here?  Any
> insight or sharing of similar experiences will be appreciated.

When you run standalone is your environment different? Specifically are
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH set differently? It sounds like, remote, the
executable can't find shared libaries. That'd be the first place I'd
check: make sure LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH are the same. If that doesn't
solve your problem the next thing to check would be that the shared
library versions on your standalone and remote machines are the same.

- Ian

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