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[Condor-users] Win32 GUI application fails with USE_VISIBLE_DESKTOP=TRUE

We use Condor to run automated tests of our Win32 GUI application. In this scenario we set USE_VISIBLE_DESKTOP to TRUE so we can monitor what is happening (while this is not required, it is useful, especially for our developers who have figured out how to connect a debugger). I had "hacked" the starter(?) for 6.8.3 to work around a bug that caused this to stop working after several jobs ran and we've been using that version for sometime.

I am trying to upgrade to the latest version, 7.2.3, which appears to have this fixed, but with a new problem. Our non-GUI application works just fine, we can see the cmd.exe window show up when something is running, but our GUI application crashes immediately. With USE_VISIBLE_DESKTOP=FALSE, our GUI application runs just fine and gives correct results.

I tried a test using notepad, and while this does not crash, something is not setup correctly and the notepad window never repaints (although I can click the close box if I can guess where it is). I'm assuming that whatever causes this problem with notepad is also causing our app to crash. I'm running on Window XP Pro SP2.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

Bob Mortensen

Here is a .sub and .bat file that demonstrates this:

echo "About to start notepad...."
echo "Notepad completed."

universe = local
executable = runnotepad.bat
output = run.out
error = run.err
log = run.log
notification = never