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Re: [Condor-users] Windows template file: args with quotes?

> What's the trick to using quotes in the Arguments in a template?
> I'm submitting a megablast job and the args have quotes in them but no
> amount of escaping or back-slashing or substitution is getting me around
> it.
> I need something like this:
> Arguments = -D 2 -m 8 -U T -F "m D"

Hi Russell,

If I have an arguments line in the submission file as follows:

arguments  = something \"in\" quotes

then condor_q tells me that the actual submission is

$ condor_q -format "%d " ClusterId  -format "%s " Cmd -format "%s\n" Args
12345 /path/to/exe/filename.exe something "in" quotes

and if I have:

arguments  = something \"in quotes\"

then I see:

$ condor_q -format "%d " ClusterId  -format "%s " Cmd -format "%s\n" Args
12346 /path/to/exe/filename.exe something "in quotes"

Is that not what you want ?

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