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[Condor-users] condor group for flocked jobs

Greetings all,

How does "condor group" stuff work for flocked jobs, or does it work at all? I see, none of the flocked jobs carries the ClassAd attributes, when they run, I was trying to insert using SUBMIT_EXPRS in the config file. I have this in the condor_config on the CE:

Group = "group_camgrid"

As I don't have any control over the submit host of those "flocked jobs", so I'm not sure what am I missing here. What I actually need is to insert a tag like this:

+AccountingGroup = "group_camgrid.$username";

for all jobs. I can easily do that for jobs submitted locally but how can I do that for the jobs running on out pool but were submitted from somewhere else?

Thanks in advance for your advise.