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Re: [Condor-users] Parallel Universe and dedicated scheduling

11/9 22:02:33 Changing state: Matched -> Claimed
11/9 22:02:33 ERROR "Can't find WANT_SUSPEND in internal ClassAd" at line 1226
+in file Resource.cpp
This error can also happen when the SUSPEND expression goes to undefined. This can happen with the dedicated scheduler, because it uses a dummy job ad to initially claim the machine. (It uses the real job ad to actually activate the claim when it comes time to start the job. The dummy job ad is missing a bunch of attribute,which is probably what is causing SUSPEND to go undefined.

What version of Condor is this? We recently added a dummy value value ImageSize to the dummy job ad, to fix just this problem.

If you have a newer version of Condor with the debug() classad function, this would be a very good time to use it.