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Re: [Condor-users] How to integrate condor pool in globus

Are you using the condor rpms that come with FC11?  If so there
might be problems because some of the condor rpms in that series
don't have any globus support.  Better to download the condor
from the condor web site if so.

VDT has a concept called -pretend-platform in which you
can instruct the VDT installation to pretend you are an older
version of linux if you are installing on a newer version where it's not
yet supported. I am not sure what their current support stance is on FC11
and I have never tried it myself yet.


On Thu, 12 Nov 2009, satyanarayan rao wrote:

Respected all,
I am really stuck in the integration of condor pool to globus, please help.
I have all the nodes having FC11(On which VDT is not installing) installed
and i can not roll back to RHEL 5.
Please suggest.

Thanks and regards,
Satyanarayan Rao.

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