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Re: [Condor-users] blank condor_status and Central manager that executes

On Friday 13 November 2009, Charles Embry wrote:
> Ok I have started over after many more failures. Before I add any machines
> to this small pool I am trying to get the central manager up and running.
> This will also be a submit and execute machine. I cannot get the machine to
> come up with condor_status since it is a will be a execute machine.
> Following the advice from users about a similar problem. 
> I run

I think that the problem is way simpler than what you're looking at...  You 
ran condor_restart, which requires that there's already a condor_master 
running to restart...  So, just run (by hand, if you'd like):

# ./condor_master

The master will daemonize itself, and start the rest of the processes as 

Hope this helps


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