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[Condor-users] Earlier problem and defining Condor_Collector

I been working on the problem I posted earlier all this afternoon and going through my local and global config files. I noticed that Condor_collector and Condor_negotiator are not defined anywhere in those files and when I run condor_status -any I never see condor_collector displayed but the other three daemons do. WHere should it be defined? I assume it will be CONDOR_COLLECTOR = $(CONDOR_HOST) and CONDOR_NEGORIATOR = $(CONDOR_HOST) but which config file or is it somewhere else?
I am trying to get this central manager to submit and execute before I add more machines to the pool and I am using 7.2.4. And when i ran condor_master instead of condor_restart like recommended by earlier uses in my previous question I get the same results, a blank answer.

Thanks for any help