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Re: [Condor-users] Number of Condor clients dropping over time

> We have about 30 PCs (~50 slots) running Windows XP. About 6 months ago
> we had about ~25 of the machines running Condor. Then, we got a couple
> more machines and added condor to a few others. However, about 3 months
> ago we started only getting jobs to run on about 10 machines. (about
> 15 of those had been successfully using condor for more than 1 year).

When was the last time the XP machines that are having trouble running jobs were rebooted?

We have to restart our XP machines on a regular basis. No clue what puts them in a bad state exactly. Our theory is it has something to do with the constant creation/deletion of desktops for jobs by Condor. That XP just wasn't designed to handle that kind of log in/log out rate.

- Ian

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