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Re: [Condor-users] condor-users - Which Linux distro to use?

Muhammad Usama,
As a note, if you're looking for Condor support, Cycle Computing
provides e-mail/24-7 phone support with guaranteed response times for
all distributed Linux/Windows/Mac/etc versions of the native Condor
build, so you don't have to use a specific version like MRG to receive
enterprise support.

The Condor team itself will provide e-mail support if that is what you need.

With regard to versions, we've seen a lot of Debian 5/Ubuntu and
CentOS 4.X/5.X at client sites. For Fedora, we've seen 11

Hope this helps,

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 7:55 AM, Matthew Farrellee <matt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If you're looking for supported Condor, it is available as part of Red Hat's MRG product. It's the basis of the G[rid] piece.
> As for Linux in general, I know Condor is actively built and tested on:
>  x86_64 RHEL 5
>  x86 RHEL 5
>  x86_64 RHEL 3
>  x86 RHEL 3
>  ia64 RHEL 3
>  x86_64 RHEL 4
>  x86 RHEL 4
>  x86_64 Fedora 10
>  x86 Fedora 10
>  x86_64 Fedora 11
>  x86_64 Fedora 12
>  x86_64 Debian 5
>  x86 Debian 5
>  x86 Debian 4
>  ppc64 SLES 9
> In addition to being available from UW for Fedora, Condor is also directly part of Fedora since F8, with a few caveats, e.g. no Standard Universe nor Globus support. Standard Universe requires modifications to glibc and static linking that are against Fedora packaging policy. Parts of Globus have recently been packaged with Fedora, so Globus support might be an option in the future. If anyone is interested in taking a shot at Globus support just drop me an email.
> Best,
> matt
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