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[Condor-users] Hold reason: Cannot expand $$(variable) after qedit the wrong $$(variable) also


I am using RemoteIwd = $$(VAR) in my job I submitted a job with wrong $$(NetworkStoreDir) ad through condor_submit cmd. so the job went into hold state - Cannot expand $$(NetworkStoreDir) the schedd log is given below.

11/25 21:22:38 (pid:17962) Putting job 181.0 on hold - cannot expand $$(NetworkStoreDir) 11/25 21:22:38 (pid:17962) Job 181.0 put on hold: Cannot expand $$(NetworkStoreDir). 11/25 21:22:38 (pid:17962) abort_job_myself: 181.0 action:Hold log_hold:true notify:true

Then I qedit the ad and changed to $$(CCP_NetworkStoreDir) which is the correct one and issued condor_release. But the job once again went into the hold state and the reason is previous reason - Cannot expand $$(NetworkStoreDir) which is not in the job classAds but schedd is able to expand it correctly I can see from log the schedd log at that time.

11/25 21:24:58 (pid:17962) In Scheduler::contactStartd()
11/25 21:24:58 (pid:17962) $$ substitution: RemoteIwd="/Iexecute/NetworkStore/Test-7_Xen_VM" 11/25 21:24:58 (pid:17962) Putting job 181.0 on hold - cannot expand $$(NetworkStoreDir) 11/25 21:24:58 (pid:17962) Job 181.0 put on hold: Cannot expand $$(NetworkStoreDir). 11/25 21:24:58 (pid:17962) abort_job_myself: 181.0 action:Hold log_hold:true notify:true

The Job Ad shows clearly shows the $$(VAR) is matched with machine Ad by adding MATCH_ .

# condor_q 181.0 -l | grep NetworkStoreDir
RemoteIwd = "$$(CCP_NetworkStoreDir)Test-7_Xen_VM"
LastHoldReason = "Cannot expand $$(NetworkStoreDir)."
MATCH_CCP_NetworkStoreDir = "/Iexecute/NetworkStore/"
HoldReason = "Cannot expand $$(NetworkStoreDir)."

I issue condor_release for few more times but no luck so I removed the job from the queue and re-submitted after changing the submit file which is the solution.

why condor_qedit changes didn't take effect. Is there is a bug or I am missing any thing from my side.


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