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[Condor-users] Newbie Question - Windows/Linux Pool



  I am looking into setting up a pool where the CM is a linux server and the execute nodes will be Windows XP machines.  In the Condor manual it says that if you are on a shared file system and you install the CM on a linux box, with local-dir set to the shared drive, you do not have to install Condor on separate execute nodes as long as you create local.<hostname> directories for each machine added to the pool.  I am assuming this only works though if these nodes are running a non-windows platform, am I right?  Or can you create the same set-up with Windows machines, or do you have to install condor using the msi on each windows box.


  Now if condor is set-up on the CM with condor installed on the share – do you still have to set the transfer files when running condor jobs on the windows machines, or can they just use the network share for reading and writing.


  Designing a Condor pool to test Next-Gen BLASTing.  Any help would be very much appreciated.



Dallas Thomas