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[Condor-users] Build problems on ArchLinux

    Hello all!

    I'm trying to build Condor (latest versions, either stable or
development, 7.2.4, respectively 7.3.1), but I'm having an issue with
the compilation, more exactly it breaks on compilinc krb5 package with
an error related to EIA_NODATA. (I've tried to update the krb source
code to comment out the lines, but it seems that the compilation
procedure overrides the updates, probably it unarchives the sources

    So any help? Anyone build recepies? (I have GCC 4.1.1, and Glibc 2.10.1.)

    And another related question: is there somewhare a more detailed
documentation about the build process (more specific, what each
./configure option does (in more words than by looking at ./configure

    Ciprian Craciun.