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Re: [Condor-users] a question about solving Large Scale OptimizationProblems in Condor

But there are limits on what Condor can do, for some applications. Can you describe the application? Can you classify it as HPC, HTC, or MTC? If its HPC, then the answer on scalability lies in your network interconnect, processing power, and communication pattern of your application. If HTC or MTC, then it depends on how many jobs your application generates, the amount of parallelism in the application (concurrent running jobs), how many jobs need to be queued, the duration of those jobs, if the jobs are data intensive, etc.

If you describe your application in more detail, we might be able to give you some feedback if Condor is a good fit for your application or not.


薛正华 wrote:
Condor is just a job manager. It's responsible for submitting, scheduling and monitoring jobs. To my knowledge, all computing components have no limit to problem scale. The components include MPI, condor/PBS/LFS, and servers.
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主题: [Condor-users] a question about solving Large Scale OptimizationProblems in Condor
Hi, Condor experts,
I want to use Condor to solve Large Scale Optimization Problems. Can
you please tell me how large problem can be solved in Condor? Thank
you very much!
Have a nice day!
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