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[Condor-users] user_job_wrapper and class ads

is there any way for a user_job_wrapper script to see into the class
ad for the job it's executing?

I could make users set envirounment variables to get the info I need,
but they would also  need to set the same things as class ad
attributes and duplication is bad.

specificly this goes along with my wholessystem scheduling issues.
submit files currently push "+RequiresWholeMachine = True" which has
many scheduling implications, for those same jobs I want a wrapper
that waits untill system load drops, but I do not want this to affect
other jobs.

I could also make the users wrap their own jobs, but that's still two
things (though arguably defferent enough to be meaningful as someone
may want all the processors in a system bu tnot need to be 100% sure
everything is quiet before starting to execute)