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Re: [Condor-users] How can I use matlab in standard universe?

Couple of comments re the below -

Will your Matlab program run w/ Octave? Octave is an open source clone of Matlab, and at least a few years back I was able to compile Octave successfully for the Standard Universe.

Another idea to get Condor to checkpoint Matlab jobs is to use DMTCP. DMTCP is process checkpointing technology out of NorthEastern Univ, and they have been working w/ Condor developers to integrate their checkpoint solution into Condor.  As reported back at CondorWeek earlier this year (see slides on the homepage if you want the details), we now have a prototype that allows Condor to checkpoint jobs submitted into the Vanilla universe :). DMTCP is known to be able to checkpoint Matlab proper - I now have a student here at UW testing how well it all works w/ a compiled Matlab program (so you don't need a license on every host) inside of Condor. We will report back to this list in a week or two with what we learned... And hopefully a recipe to make it all work! 


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>On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 03:31:50PM -0400, Chinh Le wrote:
> I would like to use matlab in condor's standard universe.
> How can I use the matlab compiler mcc with condor_compile?
>I do not think it is possible. Hovewer the mcc may look like
>a compiler, it is not a compiler in the way of what
>condor_compile wants to use. This is from manual:
>``You do not need to modify the program's source code, but you
>do need access to the unlinked object files. A commercial
>program that is packaged as a single executable file cannot be
>converted into a standard universe job.''
>  Best regards
>   Jasan
>Red Hat Czech, MRG Quality Assurance Associate
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