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[Condor-users] Fwd: condor help

I have two questions about Condor.
I am using Condor to run R, windows statistic program.
Here is my submit file.
universe = vanilla
requirements = OpSys == "WINNT60" && Arch == "INTEL" && HAS_R==TRUE
should_transfer_files = YES
transfer_input_files = hwl0.R, lars_0.9-7.zip, mvtnorm_0.9-7.zip
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
executable = batch.bat
arguments = BATCH hwl0.R
input = hwl0.R
Output = result/out$(Process).txt
Log = result/log$(Process).txt
Error = result/err$(Process).txt
Here is my batch.bat file.
set path=c:\PROGRA~2\R\R-2.8.0\bin;%path%
Rcmd %*
The errors,
1) Install package problem
2) Running problem.
For 1), When I tried to install R packages,  sometimes there is error, sometimes there is no error.
The error is that "I cannot install packages because there is already the same packages."
To prevent this situation, I  revised my program so that don't reinstall the existing packages.
However, I am having an error, "I cannot use the package what I tried to install before."
Usually, in the windows xp, vista, we can always reinstall any packages without having errors.
For 2), One of my job doesn't run on the condor machine, but the job runs on my own computer.
It's not the problem of version of R or R packages. I already checked about it.
The message is "subscription is out of bound."
I tried to avoid those problems for several days, but I cannot. Please help me.
Hwanhee Lee
Ph.D Student
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

Office: 864  656 4571
Mobile : 864 314 6875
e-mail: hwanhel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
web: http://www.math.clemson.edu/grad_students/hwanhel.htm