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Re: [Condor-users] Request: Run hook scripts in the context of the user who will execute the job on Windows

I was more thinking of lifting the code in the starter to grab the credentials and execute as the user (on the basis it would execute exactly as the condor running mode does).

the runas should work just fine if you don't want dynamic control (and will be much simpler) so go with that if it works for you...

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> > can you determine from the class ad what user you are *going* to be.
> I can. My batch accounts are assigned per-slot. So slot 1
> implies UserA, slot 2 implies User2, etc.
> > Then access the credd and if credential is present switch to
> > that user?
> >
> > Can't recall how easy it is to access the credd from
> > arbitrary code but you're system so you should have the
> > necessary basic rights to do it...
> Interesting. It didn't occur to me you could use credd do to
> a user context switch like this. We're toying with runing a
> runas to spawn a sub-job that does the heavy lifting for the
> hook. But so far that's not working very well. And has the
> added annoyance of having to put the passwords for the
> headless accounts in plaintext.
> I'll look in to using the credd stuff. Thanks!

Matt, I cruised through the credd stuff in the 7.2.x manual. Everything
I read said the credd is only responsible for stashing passwords. It
doesn't do the execution-in-user-context stuff, it just supplies the
passwords to use. Have I read that wrong? I already know the account
passwords. It might save me putting the passwords out there in plaintext
I suppose. Mind you: I don't see a way to access the credd daemon
outside of a Condor binary.

So we're about to experiment with the following setup:

        HOOK_FETCH_WORK = firehook.bat

And in firehook.bat:

        runas /profile /user:foo@bar hookscript.bat

Which fires the real hook script as a user. Not sure it'll work yet, but
worth a shot. What we're not doing here is running as the same user
that'll run the job. We just picked one user and run all hook scripts as
that user. Not a big deal in my case since they're all equivalent users.
We may create an extra user just for hook script execution if this goes

- Ian

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