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Re: [Condor-users] Request: Run hook scripts in the context of the user who will execute the job on Windows

> I was more thinking of lifting the code in the starter to
> grab the credentials and execute as the user (on the basis it
> would execute exactly as the condor running mode does).

Yea, I'm trying to avoid spinning anything that links to the Condor code
base. But good idea and I'll keep in the back pocket in case it boils
down to that.

> the runas should work just fine if you don't want dynamic
> control (and will be much simpler) so go with that if it
> works for you...

Argh. runas doesn't work -- who makes a command line util you can't pass
a password argument to? Why must everything Windows does be
*interactive*? Argh.

We're looking at some other options (su for Windows, maybe something our
MKS toolkit we deploy on our machines). Man, this is harder than it has
to be.

- Ian

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