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Re: [Condor-users] condor rrd


> Are there any tutorials or howtos to integrate condor and rrd? I would
> like to get a graph of total Pool usage. I am using quill and
> generating graphs but would like to see if anyone did any work with
> rrd -> quill -> condor.

We have been looking for similar things but endend up with writing our own view for 
the quill database:

cat <<EOF > /tmp/users_slot.sql
CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW jobs_status_full AS
select c.scheddname, c.owner, count(*) as count, p.jobstatus, c.jobuniverse
FROM clusterads_horizontal c
JOIN procads_horizontal p USING (cluster_id)
GROUP BY c.scheddname, c.owner, p. jobstatus, c.jobuniverse
order by scheddname, owner,count,jobstatus DESC;
grant select on jobs_status_full to quillreader;

psql quill quillwriter < /tmp/users_slot.sql

This view can be used to read out the pool usage.

A script is generating the rrd graphs using 

psql -h $quill_ip -U quillreader quill -c "select owner,count,jobstatus  from jobs_status_full where jobstatus=5 or (jobstatus=2 and not jobuniverse=8)"