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[Condor-users] Central Manager install error

After I install my central manager i get these error messages:


[root@checkpoint condor-7.2.4]# ./condor_install --prefix=~condor --local-dir=/root/Desktop/condor --type=manager,submit --overwrite
Setting up Condor in /root/Desktop/condor-7.2.4

WARNING: Unable to determine local IP address. Condor  might not work
propertly until you set  NETWORK_INTERFACE=<machine IP address>

Condor has been installed into:

Configured condor using these configuration files:
  global: /root/Desktop/condor-7.2.4/etc/condor_config
  local:  /root/Desktop/condor/condor_config.local

In order for Condor to work properly you must set your CONDOR_CONFIG
environment variable to point to your Condor configuration file:
/root/Desktop/condor-7.2.4/etc/condor_config before running Condor
Created scripts which can be sourced by users to setup their
Condor environment variables.  These are:
   sh: /root/Desktop/condor-7.2.4/condor.sh
  csh: /root/Desktop/condor-7.2.4/condor.csh


In which file in condor do I set the IP of this machine? The machine IP is set and when i run ifconfig eth0 I get the IP address that I installed the machine with and our campus computing services assigned it to be?
I created a user condor but i installed condor on the desktop. I am using Redhat 5.1.