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Re: [Condor-users] USE_VISIBLE_DESKTOP screwy in 7.2.4?

Hi Ian

I was sitting at the actual physical desktop that is the execute node.
It's just in the next office so I'm just popping between the two machines.

I had read previous emails regarding issues with remote desktop and VNC
so purposely avoided anything like that.

USE_VISIBLE_DESKTOP is a config item for condor_starter so I am assuming
that there is some code that makes the "condor" windows visible when
condor_starter starts running a job. I'm guessing it turns "off" this
"visibility" when the job finishes and condor_starter exits. It seems like
It's getting turned off for ALL subsequent windows OS stuff not just specific
to condor "created" windows?



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> However from then on the execute PC behaved strangely.

> The only way to get things back to normal was to logout and log back
> again. Am I doing something wrong? Or has anyone else seen this
> behaviour?

How were you connected to the machine? Sitting and the physical console?
RDesktop? VNC?

My experience says:

        USE_VISIBLE_DESKTOP + (RDesktop || VNC) == Unstable Windows
Desktop Sessions

We keep our USE_VISIBLE_DESKTOP machines completely free of the VNC
service and RDesktop. And even then we reboot them every 10 jobs or so.
Otherwise the desktop stops showing things, much like you've described.

- Ian

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