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[Condor-users] job restart does not work

Hello all,
I wrote a small program that just creates a output file and writes out some messages. If I register this program as a condor job, the first time when the job starts the file is created and everythings works fine. The job status is set to completed.
But when I set back to job status to idle and condor starts the job again, no file is created and it seems that the job was not really started. Nevertheless the job status switches to completed.
Any idea what goes wrong (below I have attached the condor submit file)?
Executable = C:\Program Files\Inpho\ApplicationsMaster 5.2\bin\cjm.exe
Priority = 0
Universe = Vanilla
Getenv = True
Output = $(Cluster)_$(Process).out
Error = $(Cluster)_$(Process).out
Log = $(Cluster)_$(Process).log
should_transfer_files = True
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
Leave_in_queue = True
=!= UNDEFINED) && (ExitCode != -30) && (ExitCode != -40) && (ExitCode != -20)
Initialdir = \\des-eu-raid-01\raid\condor\jobs
+WantIOProxy = True
+EstimatedJobTime = 100
+ElapsedJobTime = 0