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Re: [Condor-users] Condor running as a predefined user


	I have seemed to have come to a dead end :( I have searched high
and low for some resources to set up a system that will allow me to run
my software as a named user. The best I have gotten to is to set up my
system with a pool manager, two nodes and a submitter and the
credentials seem to fail to be recognized. Setting the run_as_owner as
false in the submission file allows me to do some basic windows calls
etc. I would guess I am missing something fundamental and of course very

	From the perspective of documentation I have been following this
text ->
ION00724000000000000000. It seems to be straight forward. At what point
to I store the local credentials as the user I am going to run the
processes as? Should I install the software as Administrator or the
User? Note I am trying this on a series of Windows boxes.

	I tried also to follow Todd's suggestion
200000000000000. But got stuck where a node would have 16 CPUs. Why
should I have to create multiple accounts for each slot. Again I must be
missing something.

      I would note that using personal Condor was a snap and I wish the
above was as easy. Help! Ideally I would like a series of steps to run
through to get a system up an running.


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Neil Woodhouse wrote:
> Forum,
>                 I am trying to set up a system, on windows, that is 
> using a server with a raid, pool manager and various nodes to process 
> the data. For personal condor the software works fine submitting and 
> processing the data. Now I am trying to set up the processing that 
> extends to multiple machines. The problem that I have is that the 
> processing software has a complex environment and I need to have the 
> process run on the node logged in as a predefined user. So far I have 
> not been able to do this.
>                 Can someone tell me if a document exists on how to do 
> this? I have tried to follow the section on windows within the manual,

> but have not got to run the process as the user that I want.

You will want to take a look at section of the Manual, at URL

I think this tells you exactly what you want to know...


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