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Re: [Condor-users] What variables are available to DAGMan SCRIPT POST statements?

On Thu, 1 Apr 2010, Ian Stokes-Rees wrote:

Sorry to be asking this question a second time, but I have misplaced the
original answer and can't find it searching the archives.  I have a DAG
with two statements like:

JOB         3cb5-00001 3cb5.ca
SCRIPT POST 3cb5-00001 ./process_output 3cb5-00001

I would like to pass the ClusterId of the completed Condor job to the
script.  I tried:

SCRIPT POST 3cb5-00001 ./process_output 3cb5-00001 $(ClusterId)

but to no avail.  Could someone:

1. clarify the syntax
2. provide a list of variables that are available to pass to the post

I searched the documentation but could only find a reference to:


Actually, there are four variables you can use in a POST script:


For some reason, $JOBID and $RETRY weren't previously documented. The lastest documentation has that info, but it hasn't gotten to the web yet.

Anyhow, $JOBID is almost what you want -- it's <cluster>.<proc> (e.g.,
123.1). If you want just the cluster ID, hopefully your post script can parse the $JOBID value to extract that.

(One other note: $JOBID and $RETURN do not have valid values for a pre script.)

Kent Wenger
Condor Team