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[Condor-users] inspiration for DAGMan syntax

I have a DAG with 10k almost identical entries

JOB         3cb5-00933 ../.dag/3cb5.ca
VARS        3cb5-00933 varJobName="3cb5-00933" \
                        varArgs="-t 5400 -W
http://abitibi.sbgrid.org/~webportal/osg/3cb5.mtz -n 3cb5 -O
3cb5-00933.output.zip -O 3cb5-00933.results.dat -O
3cb5-00933.summary.html -t 21680 -n 3cb5-00933 -r 3cb5-00933"
\                        varTimeout="21680" \
                        varOutput="3cb5-00933.out" \
                        varError="3cb5-00933.err" \
                        varInFiles="3cb5-00933" \
RETRY       3cb5-00933 7
SCRIPT POST 3cb5-00933 ./process_output 3cb5-00933 $JOBID

I could reduce my DAG file by 20k lines (well, 20k - 2) if it were
possible to do:

RETRY       * 7
SCRIPT POST * ./process_output $JOB $JOBID

and DAGMan would notice that the node name contained a regular
expression and then apply the statement to all DAG nodes it matched. 
There would, of course, be some subtle implementation details to work
out (ordering/precedence of statements, interaction with other RE or
non-RE statements, etc.), but I could imagine that something basic could
be achieved without a huge amount of work.

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