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[Condor-users] Q: What (if any ) configuration variables can be tweaked to reduce flocking times?



I have to pools – 1 pool simply for submitting/injecting jobs into a second pool using flocking.  I chose this method as a means of removing the users using several submit stations in the first pool from interacting/seeing/knowing anything running in the second pool (trying to build a black box) – policy forbids anything executing in the first pool.  Anyway, it sometimes takes up to 5 minutes before the jobs submitted realize from taking to the master in the first pool it cannot run in that world and needs to flock.  Using version 7.3.1 are there and variables that could be tweaking in either the first pool or second which might decrease the lag?  I would love something in the first pool which basically does a FLOCK_ONLY setting  :D


Many thanks in advance,