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Re: [Condor-users] machine for central-manager

Many thanks Ian, James and Dan for the useful info and the link. It really helps a lot to get things started. I'm gonna run collector + negotiator + view_server on that node and I'm gonna use a Dell PE R410, which is 8-core (2*quad-core E5540 each) with 16G of memory. All my nodes are EGEE (formally gLite and soon-to-be EGI) Worker nodes and I plan to host site_BDII + MON + Condor Central manager as three virtual guests off that machine. According to your experiences with VM, I think the proposed ESXi node is more than adequate for the job. I'm gonna give it a try shortly and report here back as it goes.

Thanks again for your time.


James Osborne wrote:
Dear Santanu

We have run our central managers on ESXi (3.5, soon moving to 4.0 or vSphere) for over 18 months now managing a pool of Windows XP machines spread across our campus providing access to almost 6000 cores. It runs on a fraction of 1 core of an 8 core ESX box and has 2GB of RAM allocated to it. The ESXi box is an 8 core system containing two Intel E5472 processors running at 3.0GHz with a total of 32GB of RAM. The ESXi box is connected to a resilient NFS backing store hosting the virtual machine files.

Over the last 6 months the series 7 central manager has maxed out at 15% of 1 core and runs at an average of 7%, maximum memory of 80% of 2GB and runs at an average of 38%, maximum network IO of 101 Kbps and an average of 35 Kbps. We have also virtualized submit machines as well, so an ESX box like ours with a good internal RAID would be more than sufficient as a head node providing services around a 400-core cluster using Condor.

You should probably talk to your local HPC people before going ahead with any development and seek their advice directly

Best regards


> Dear all,
> How powerful a machine (CPU-core, memory etc.) should be to run condor
> central-manager for a ~400-core cluster? I'm interested in vitalization,
> so I wanna get a rough idea about the hardware we should go for to
> accommodate all the services/virtual machines to run nicely.
> Also, is there any recommendation on vitalization platform as far as
> condor is concerned? Is VMware ESXi a good choice??
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Cheers,
> Santanu
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