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[Condor-users] Error with SSL authentication and submitting jobs

I have set up a small pool of computers with Condor for testing before scaling up. We are using SSL to authenticate client machines. Therefore, we generated SSL keys for each machine, specified these in the local config file, and specified the the mapping of these keys in the mapfile. All of this is working and all log files show authentication. I can see all clients and the central manager and everything looks good.

When I try to submit a job I get the following error:
Failed to set Owner="my username"

We are specifying that SSL is required in the global config. I have a single machine that is allowed to submit jobs and the rest of the clients are allowed to execute jobs. It appears that the user also has to be authenticated, but I do not see a mechanism to set both users and client keys with the available config variables/arguments.

I am wondering how I allow a user to submit jobs while using ssl for client machines.
Can someone explain to me how I might approach this.