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Re: [Condor-users] What is the industry standard for grid computing?

The tricky part is that what industry calls a "grid" and what the
academic and research community calls a "grid" are different.
Witness Red Hat's recent offering MRG --Messaging, Realtime, and Grid.
It includes Condor as part of it but it does not include any
of the Globus and GSI authentication that are the common denominator
of many academic and research grids.  "Grid" in industry--at least if you
take the industrial people who have spoken at condor week in the past 4-5 years, is a way to use opportunistic cycles for enterprise computing.
Corporations by and large are not concerned with sharing cycles with
other organizations or companies.  So Condor, and for that matter, SGE,
are very much what industry are thinking about when they do a "Grid".

The various offerings from Platform computing, maker of the LSF batch system, should be considered as well, as should the various PBS offerings
and associated schedulers.

As to studies--if anyone has done one, it would be the IDC company--they are pretty much the market leader in research on high performance and high
throughput computing.

Steve Timm

On Tue, 27 Apr 2010, Lee Mitchell wrote:

I realize the persons on this list are not necessarily unbiased, but I would
like to ask:

What would you say is(are) the industry standard(s) for compute grid
software?   By standard, I mean most commonly adopted, not a formalized
standard.  I believe Condor should be on such a standard list, but what else
has wide enough adoption to rank as an industry standard?

Does anyone know of sources with numbers on proportions of "market share".
I use the term loosely because I know a lot of the grid "market" is at
publicly funded institutions.  But I'm also interested in such numbers for
corporate grids.

Thanks for your consideration,


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