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Re: [Condor-users] Condor 6.8.4 gridmanager crashes for >100 gahp_servers

Maarten.Litmaath@xxxxxxx wrote:
Hi all,

Can't you split up the load between multiple schedd's
(and thus multiple condor_gridmanagers) so
one condor_gridmanager doesn't have 100 gahp_servers going?

I have just been told that versions >= 7.2 should not have that
limit so low.

We happen to be working on an upgrade to 7.4.x, but are blocked
by another problem: its gridmanager crashes on NorduGrid jobs...

Is this the crash related to ldap?  i.e. is it this issue --

If so, we pushed a patch into the source code earlier this week for release in v7.4.3. We can send you a preview if you wish for testing, just drop condor-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx a note ...

best regards Maarten!