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Re: [Condor-users] "COLLECTOR address or hostname not specified in config file"

Angel de Vicente wrote:

I have a similar problem, but with the Negotiator. Since we upgraded to 7.4.1 I have noticed that condor_userpio and condor_q -analyze (and perhaps some other commands as well) complain with:

angelv@vaso:/opt/condor$ condor_userprio
condor_userprio: NEGOTIATOR address or hostname not specified in config file

Any hints?

I just reproduced the issue.

Immediate Workaround:
Get rid of NEGOTIATOR_HOST altogether from your condor config file(s), and condor_userprio will work. You can do this by either removing NEGOTIATOR_HOST from your condor_config file(s) or by having a line

I'll get a patch in the code for this into the next stable release. You can follow progress or comment here

It looks like there is a bug relating to some (well intentioned but failing) backwards compatibility code. If NEGOTIATOR_HOST does not exist, the recent releases of Condor (definitely v7.4.x, and I think v7.2.x as well) will do the right thing by querying the collector for the IP and port of the negotiator and it all seems good.

Thanks for reporting this one folks, and thanks to Becky G for creating a ticket,


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