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Re: [Condor-users] configuring condor for Java

It works now but I edited a different file.  

I was editing the condor_config file in the /etc/ directory originally.

But I found a directory was created called /local.hostname/ in my condor environment.
Within that /local.hostname/ directory was a file called condor_config.local  
And three subdirectories (execute, log, spool)

I was wondering what is the difference between the condor_config file in /etc/
And the condor_config.local file.   After editing the condor_config.local, it recognized the JVM.


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> I am completely new to using condor.  I am currently attempting to configure condor for use with Java applications.
> I typed comdor_status -java
> And received no output.
> I then typed condor_starter -classad
> And it says: Invalid maximum heap size: -Xmx1024m1024m

This is in fact a bug in Condor. We are currently working on a fix for 

> I tried the method where I set the MAXHEAP_Argument to nothing
> And then I set my JAVA_EXTRA_ARGUMENTS = -Xmx1024m

As for the workaround: I just tried it again myself: If you do set 
JAVA_MAXHEAP_ARGUMENT to nothing (or comment it out in your 
condor_config), then it should work. Make sure to restart Condor after 
making the configuration changes. Also make sure that you don't have the 
JAVA_MAXHEAP_ARGUMENT defined in a later local config file; the last 
defined value will be used.


Cathrin Weiss
Condor Project

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