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[Condor-users] Condor Xen/VMware and Hadoop + Xen

Hi List,
Can someone please drop some light on the VM Universe?
My questions is as followed:
I have a 5 Strong server (16 CPUs each).
Each server is running Debian Linux with Xen version 4 (Kernerl is 2.6.32).
I have configure 4 Strong Server with 16 virtual machines. Each virtual machine (domU) are runing Debian Linux Lenny AMD64 with Condor 7.4.2 installed.
All machine are part of the Same Condor Pool,  which give me total of a 64 cores. 4x16 = 64.
To verify this I have run the condor_status which did show 64 cores available in the pool.
Now I want to had the extra one Strong Server, but I don't want to install on it any Virtual machine.
I only want to install the basic - Dom0 server under Debian.
My question is as follow:
1. In order to use the condor_vm_gahp does Dom0 need be installed with condor and be part of the pool?
2. Does the Dom0 automatically start a new virtual server when needed? So If there are free resources on Strong Server, the condor vm-gahp server can start up a new virtual instance and be claimed to the pool? Does the new virtual server need be exists, or condor can build a new one from an existing image?
I would like to extend my Hadoop cluster using the technology
But I don't get how the VM works.....