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[Condor-users] process number to start higher than zero

I set up a job like (paraphrased)
output = cvfout_$(Process).txt
transfer_input_files = $(Process).7z, foo.exe
queue 100
Where I prepared a directory of data files 0.7z, 1.7z, 2.7z and so on. It wasn't until my job was done that I realized that I made a typo and actually wanted to run 150 jobs ("queue 150"). So jobs 0-99 finished but 100-149 didn't. I'd like to run those remaining jobs now without having to rename/reorder all my files.
Is it possible for me to do something like
output = cvfout_$(Process+100).txt
transfer_input_files = $(Process+100).7z, foo.exe
queue 50
or say,
queue 100 to 150 step 1
blarg = `expr $(Process) + 100`
output = cvfout_$(blarg).txt
Set /A blarg=%Process%+100
https://lists.cs.wisc.edu/archive/condor-users/2006-June/msg00261.shtml suggests the process number is hard wired to start at zero but I'm wondering if I can make a new variable?
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